because money doesn't come with instructions
Nisir a treasure for all (ንስር የሁላችን ሃብት!)

We seek and encourage Innovation, responsiveness, passion, and excellent customer service.


Saving Solutions
There is a variety of saving plans which can be tailored to your needs, including Regular saving, Time deposit,Saving box.

Credit Service
starting from Small and medium enterprises (SME) loan, Microloan, Specific purpose loan: Designed for businesses demanding the loan to be repaid once,Personal consumption loan.


About Nisir

Nisir Microfinance Institution Share Company is one of the emerging financial institutions established in 2014 according to the 1960 Commercial Code of Ethiopia, the Micro financing business proclamation No. 626/2009 and other regulations enacted by the National Bank of Ethiopia. Nisir microfinance institution S.C. is a growing institution which is currently operating at 4 branches located at Dembel city center, Megenagna, Beklobet and Piassa. Nisir is currently serving more than 6,753 clients with an exceptionally praised customer service. Nisirs' main products are saving and credit. Saving pays depositors an attractive interest and our credit to loan clients have optional payment modalities.

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Read what my clients say about the level of service and the success that they've achieved
It is not every day that you come across a passionate and trustworthy financial advisor. it has encompassed that really well and has provided us with the helping hand to dream that much more and make that dream a possible reality. Thanks Nisir Micro Finance

In just 2 very short meetings with them they managed to find the solution personally catered to my situation and expectations.
A very professional financial advisor, who is true to his word. Nisir has demonstrated a high amount of integrity in the time , and is fast to respond to my concerns. I feel that they are genuinely putting my financial gains before their own, a quality that comforts me in my investments.