About Us


About Us


Nisir Microfinance Institution Share Company is one of the emerging financial institutions established in 2014 according to the 1960 Commercial Code of Ethiopia, the Micro financing business proclamation No. 626/2009, and other regulations enacted by the National Bank of Ethiopia. Nisir microfinance institution S.C. is a growing institution which is currently operating at 4 branches located at Dembel city center, Megenagna, Beklobet and Piassa. Nisir is currently serving more than 6,753 clients with an exceptionally praised customer service. Nisirs' main products are saving and credit. Saving pays depositors an attractive interest and our credit to loan clients have optional payment modalities.

Why Nisir?
We pay attractive interest to depositors.
We provide loans to the missing middle
We have a fast and excellent customer service with a Praised reputation


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We believe in teamwork (synergy) and we work together with our clients and as a company to achieve our mission.

To Enable the development of MSMEs, commonly referred to as the missing middle and individuals through provisions of need-based and innovative financial solutions.
To be the most inclusive and preferred Microfinance institution in Ethiopia by 2025.