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Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Loan
Web Designer 92%
Micro Loan
Web Designer 90%
Specific Purpose Loan
Web Designer 92%
Personal Conception Loan
Web Designer 92%

Small And Medium Enterprises (SME) Loan

Our main loan product designed for a business engaged in small and medium enterprises. There are suitable alternative repayment modalities. Loan size to be determined based on cash flow generating capacities of the clients’ businesses.

Business Development Micro loan

The loan provided for micro businesses to upgrade their business and the amount of loan is up to 50,000 and the maximum loan period is one year and six months.


Specific Purpose Loan

It is a kind of business loan designed for borrowers who want to repay the loan once in 3 months. The size of the loan depends on the clients’ business cash flow status.

Personal consumption loan

The Purpose Of This Loan Is To Finance Salaried Or Fixed Income Earner Individuals To Fulfil Their Personal Needs Such As Asset Acquisition, School Fee…Etc. Currently, We Provide Up To Birr 40,000 And The Maximum Loan Period Is One Year And Six Months.

Join the community to insurance for the life and together make the life best. We providing the best insurance policy to customers.


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Insurance policy

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Protect your life

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Success rates
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